A more orchestrated experience, on your site and beyond.

With Responsys, your website becomes a tool for fueling a great consumer experience that extends across your other digital channels. Collect customer information, track and target customers based on their web behavior, and even personalize the landing page experience.

Web Marketing

Web behavior enhances orchestration.

Smart marketers know relevant messages drive better results. And one of the best tools available to them is website behavior. But why stop with cart and browse abandonment emails? Expand your use of web behavior data. Use what you’ve learned in all of your digital marketing efforts, so you can orchestrate the right message, via the right channel, at the right time.

Web behavior enhances orchestration

“Everything we do is heavily focused on the customer experience and their behavior. We take all of that information and create an orchestrated experience for the customer. It is extremely powerful and drives huge results for our business.”


Timing is everything.

The quicker you send an abandonment email, the better the results. Timing is everything, and Responsys makes browsing data actionable in as little as four hours. Orchestrate the experience by using it to trigger a program.

Timing is everything

Seamless experiences from email to purchase.

Accompany your relevant message with a relevant page. With Responsys you can quickly create and deploy everything from web forms to custom webpage regions to stand-alone landing pages, ensuring a seamless handoff.

Seamless experiences from email to purchase