Turning friends into revenue.

It's time to break down the social marketing silo. With Responsys, you can combine social data with social campaigns, enhancers, and analytics to drive real revenue across every channel. So not only do your Facebook campaigns get better, but so do your emails, your mobile messages, and even your display ads.

Social Marketing

Actionable social data.

Of course Responsys Social taps into social profiles for information like birthdays, interests, location, and competitive likes. But more importantly, it empowers you with tools like Filter Designer, which truly makes the data actionable in all of your messaging.

Actionable social data

“Facebook is a great way for us to know what our customers like. We can take some very specific targeting and apply it to our e-mail and display efforts.”


Build relationships and generate leads.

A good relationship has two-way communication – don’t just blast messages to your followers, listen to them too. With Responsys Social you can listen to your customers, generate new leads, and automatically trigger the right program.

Build relationships and generate leads

Make every channel social.

With social enhancers, you can build a following and extend the reach of your other digital messages. Drop “Join Us” enhancers to your emails to find new Facebook fans or Twitter followers. Add “Share” enhancers to spread the word beyond your known social network. Even add “Like” enhancers to specific email links or images so that you’ll know your customers better, and they’ll do the selling for you.

Make every channel social