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Get into your customers’ pockets.

With over one billion mobile devices in the market today, if you’re not thinking about your mobile marketing strategy, your brand could be headed the way of the landline. Interact for Mobile gives you everything you need to not only launch and orchestrate campaigns for the mobile channel, but also to optimize your other digital channels for the mobile experience.

A relationship-first approach to SMS.

This year nearly 10 trillion SMS messages will be sent. 90% of those will be read within three minutes. The opportunity for marketers is huge, but sending generic, blast messages is a recipe for failure. Success requires delivering individualized messages that align with each and every consumer’s journey.

The Retail Journey

Melissa is into fashion, She spends most of her free time checking out the latest trends so she can stay on the cutting edge. While shopping downtown, she sees a billboard for the retailer Jaxon, advertising their new line of shoes with a call to action that says, “text SAVE15 to 12345 to get 15% off.” retail mobile journey

The Travel Journey

As a regional account executive Matthew finds himself on the road each week. He has Gold Member status with his favorite airline, and has opted in to receive email communications like deal alerts and flight updates. In this week’s email, he sees a call to action to text “alerts” to get real-time SMS updates from them when he’s on the road. travel mobile journey

The Financial Services Journey

Heather and her husband have been saving for years, and they’re finally ready to take the plunge and purchase a family home. While waiting in line at her local bank, she sees a sign, “text RATE30 to 12345 to be alerted to changes in the 30 year fixed mortgage rates.” financial services mobile journey
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Take a tour

Interact for Mobile gives you dozens of unique ways to personalize user journeys, driving consumers to engage, convert, and become loyal customers.

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Build a conversation

Interact for Mobile makes it easy for marketers to design sophisticated mobile campaigns that evolve over time and are unique to every customer. Send a message, wait for a reply, and deliver a specific response. And there’s no limit to where you take these conversations. Keep them short and simple or get more sophisticated as you learn what works. It’s an amazing way to drive engagement, conversion, and loyalty.

mobile email

Optimize Email for Mobile Devices

By the end of this year, more people will be reading emails on a mobile device than on the desktop. How can you be sure that your messages are optimized for every device? With Interact for Mobile it’s easy. Our technology helps you dynamically render each email for the right device, while our digital marketing experts can help you design communications that look just as amazing on the smartphone as they do on a tablet or a desktop.

mobile success guide mobile email guide

It’s easier than you think to get started.

We’ve worked with some of the most forward thinking brands in the market on their mobile strategies, and we’d love to work with you. To get a head start, download our Mobile Success Guide and our Mobile Email Guide.

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