Marketing Orchestration:
A New Approach for the Post-Campaign Era

New School marketers have moved beyond the single channel marketing campaign. They’re interacting in real-time with individuals in an intelligent, consistent way over time and across channels. It’s called Marketing Orchestration, and it means every consumer gets a highly personalized experience that maps to each individual’s unique journey from discovery to purchase to re-purchase.

Marketing Orchestration Walkthrough
The Rise of Marketing Orchestration
How will you survive in a post-campaign era? It's time to get orchestrated.

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Marketing Orchestration Rob Brosnan

Hear how Rob Brosnan of Forrester Research introduces the concept of marketing orchestration.
Marketing Orchestration Walkthrough
Making the Shift
How great marketers are changing their focus from the campaign to the customer.

Making the Shift

Marketing. Well Orchestrated.

Marketing Orchestration Walkthrough
One of the biggest challenges facing today’s marketers is coordinating their marketing touch points over time. Unfortunately, a corporate campaign mindset, in which each customer interaction is the domain of a separate channel silo, only makes this challenge more daunting. The world’s best brands have moved into the post-campaign era by breaking down the walls and orchestrating experiences across email, mobile, display, social and the web.
Marketing Orchestration Defined
Ben Eld - Senior Digital Marketing Specialist, City Sports

Marketing orchestration doesn’t just drive a better customer experience. With the right technology and the right strategy, it delivers higher revenue with greater efficiency than ever before possible. Just ask a Responsys customer.

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