Interact for Email

The leading technology for the leading channel.

Combine every Facebook update and every Twitter tweet and multiply by 100. That’s still less than 1% of the email sent every day. Imagine if you could increase revenue in this leading channel by 50-100%. That’s exactly the kind of results that Responsys customers are seeing.

Email marketing diagram
The Digital Consumer

Stop blindly sending messages and start building relationships.

Email has become the go-to channel for driving mass communications. But consumers everywhere are tuning out irrelevant messages and even ISP’s are blocking more emails that don’t hit the mark. To get more relevant, you need to deliver the right message to the right person at just the right time. Interact for email can help.

Great email is just the start.

When you start thinking “cross-channel”, every communication gets more effective. That means if you want to do great email marketing, you should be thinking about mobile, social, display and the web at the same time.

“Going cross-channel is making them a better email company. We believe it!”

Shar VonBoskirk
VP & Principal Analyst / Forrester Research
Cross-channel marketing curve
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