Display advertising. Re-invented for the post-campaign era.

Traditional display advertising is broken. Why broadcast ads to the masses or target anonymous segments when you can interact with real individuals, in context with their customer journey? Responsys helps you transform display from an acquisition channel to a relationship channel.

Display Marketing

Relationship marketing meets display advertising.

Marketers have been capitalizing on the power of display advertising since the advent of the internet; however, relationship marketers have traditionally avoided display advertising as simply an acquisition channel. Responsys Display changes this, by empowering relationship marketers to target known customers based on who they are, and how they’ve interacted with your brand.

“There are many platforms that can do e-mail. There are also many providers that focus on display. But, having separate platforms really makes it difficult to bring a consistency in the message and who you are delivering it to. With Oracle’s Responsys Program we have that single view of our customers.”


Email’s new best friend.

Responsys Display is the first platform of its kind, empowering marketers to leverage rich information like profile data, past purchase history, and cross-channel engagement to deliver display advertising that’s relevant to known customers. This gives marketers additional frequency and reach for their programs, with a channel that’s non-invasive and proven to deliver results. All this adds up to deeper relationships and increased revenue for your brand.