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Winning deliverability battles in 2013.Maximize ROI by maximizing your email deliverability.

Deliverability issues can cripple conversion rates and send ROI plummeting. If you can’t get an email into an inbox, your brand’s investment in cutting edge creative and strategy is on the line. Are you equipped to conquer today’s deliverability challenges?

Spend 45 minutes with Kevin Senne, Senior Director of Deliverability and ISP Relations at Responsys, and Pradeep Manglapalli, Senior Manager of Deliverability Operations at Responsys, to ensure that your brand’s messages make it to your subscribers. You’ll get expert perspectives on deliverability concerns, including:

  • Strategies you can implement today to maximize deliverability
  • Tips for tackling the unique demands of Gmail
  • Know-how to fix deliverability problems quickly
  • A preview of upcoming challenges to keep on your radar
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