Interact for Social

Where friends become revenue.

It’s no secret the world has gone social. And companies everywhere have been rolling out the red carpet in communities like Facebook and Twitter to build a fan base and monitor consumer sentiment. But how do you turn all of this social activity into real revenue? The key is to stop thinking of “social” as a stand-alone channel and to start thinking about how you can use social to enhance your entire relationship-based marketing strategy.

Interact for Social combines social data with social campaigns, enhancers, and analytics to drive real revenue across every channel. So not only do your Facebook campaigns get better, but so do your emails, your mobile messages, and even your display ads.

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“Working with Responsys helped us increase our Facebook fans by 25% and generated 27x more fans per day than the fan link in promotional emails.”

Social Data: Know what really matters to your customers and prospects.

Interact for Social’s data capabilities let you capture information that can make every interaction more relevant. You can tap into social profiles for information like birthdays, interests, location, and competitive likes. And you can even get a handle on social behavior so you know which fans are the most engaged or most influential.

Social Campaigns: Build relationships through Facebook and Twitter.

To get great social data, you’ve got to first capture permission. Interact for Social’s campaign tools make it easy to send promotional tweets or post messages on your Facebook page that will get people clicking, and ultimately opting in and converting. All from the same application you use to manage your other digital channels.

Social Enhancers: Make other channels more social.

With Interact’s social enhancers, you can build your social following and extend the reach of your other digital messages. Drop “Join Us” enhancers to your emails to find new Facebook fans or Twitter followers. Add “Share” enhancers to spread the word beyond your own social network. Even add “Like” enhancers to specific email links or images so that you’ll know your customers better, and they’ll do the selling for you.

Social Analytics: Understand how social moves the needle.

The best part of Interact for Social is that you can use social analytics to finally get a handle on your social attribution. Use out-of-the-box revenue dashboards and reports, or create your own using drag-and-drop reporting tools.

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