Engage your customers wherever they are.

We live in a mobile world. Consumers are carrying their mobile devices with them day and night, using them to engage with brands in ways never imagined even a decade ago. This poses new opportunities, but also new challenges for marketers looking to build strong relationships with their consumers. The rapid rise of mobile has led to a fragmentation of mobile technologies and mobile communications, but smart marketers are tearing down the barriers between mobile siloes and using Responsys Mobile to build stronger relationships and drive more revenue than ever thought possible.

Mobile Marketing

A relationship-first approach to SMS.

Schwan's customer video

“Mobile is everything. When marketers are thinking about mobile, they need to be thinking about mobile un-siloed. Not just SMS, not just push, not just email, but all of those collectively and how they orchestrate together.”


Expand your reach with Push Notifications.

Provide a great mobile email experience.

Responsive design

Responsive design.

Over half of email opens happen on mobile devices – give your customers a great experience wherever they interact with you.