Orchestrated Marketing for the Post-Campaign Era

Responsys Program is changing the way marketers think about interacting with consumers. Rather than delivering a single message to the masses, Responsys Program was built to conduct millions of individual interactions that evolve over time and span digital channels. It’s been battle tested by the world’s most sophisticated marketers and proven to drive higher customer engagement and additional revenue.

Responsys Program

Reinventing the marketing campaign.

Responsys Program: Reinventing the marketing campaign

Design orchestrated experiences.

The secret is to deliver the right message to the right person at exactly the right time and place. It’s always been impossible to do at scale. But not anymore. Responsys brings together your audience data, your message content, and your digital channels. And it gives you the power to design individualized, behavior-based programs timed for every stage in a customer’s lifecycle. All with a drag-and-drop interface that you can pick up and start using in minutes.

Act in real time.

Keep tabs on what’s happening in real-time as your programs are running so you know what’s working, or where things are getting stuck.

Optimize at every step.

Great marketers know they need to test everything. From the content, to sequence, to cadence. And of course it’s better if it’s completely automated for you.