Cloud data is the fuel that powers orchestrated marketing.

Marketers now have the potential to tap into insights from individual consumers and deliver a truly orchestrated experience. Brands that do so are vastly out performing their peers. Responsys was built to help marketers not only collect the data but also make it actionable, in real-time. All without waiting for IT to pull yet another list.

Responsys Profile

Build a complete picture of each customer.

With Responsys Profile, marketers can build individual customer profiles complete with demographic, behavioral, and preference data that spans every digital channel. It’s flexible, so you can use the data that makes sense for your business. It’s real-time, so you know right away when critical customer events take place. And since it’s actionable in the tool, you no longer need to write scripts or wait for IT resources.

“We’re getting data from many sources and analyzing it to create a blueprint for each customer. That lets us send orchestrated communications that offer high value and that customers are delighted to receive.”

Responsys Insight

Test, analyze, and report on your marketing success.

With Responsys Insight, you’ve got a powerful yet intuitive set of tools to help you continuously test, optimize, and evolve your marketing programs. Use out-of-the-box visual reports and dashboards, or drag and drop your way to an ad hoc analysis. You can even dynamically test and optimize your programs as they run. You’ll finally have a handle on which programs, offers, and customer segments are driving the most revenue.

Responsys Connect

Tap into any data you need to get more relevant.

Today, valuable marketing data can come from anywhere. The key is bringing the right data together in one place, and with enough speed to take action. Responsys Connect was built to make it easy for marketers to pull data from anywhere – CRM systems, web analytics platforms, even social networks. And to do it without getting inline for IT resources.