The Oracle Responsys Marketing Suite

Marketing. Well Orchestrated.

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Marketing Orchestration is a fundamentally different way of approaching customer interactions. Rather than focusing on siloed campaigns delivered to a broad audience, orchestrated marketing is about delivering a set of related interactions that, when added together across channels and time, make up a unique experience for each and every customer.

Cross-Channel Marketing

Deliver marketing messages that are well orchestrated within a single channel, or across every digital channel. All from the same platform.

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Cross-channel marketing

Marketing Orchestration

Create intelligent, unique customer experiences that unfold and react over time to an individual’s behavior.
Responsys Program

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Cloud Data

Build a complete picture of each customer.
Responsys Profile

Test, analyze, and report on your marketing success.
Responsys Insight

Tap into any data you need to fuel your orchestrated programs.
Responsys Connect

Cloud Data: Profile - Insight - Connect