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Introducing Interact Preference

The customer era of marketing is built on individual customer relationships. And those relationships require a true picture of each customer’s profile and preferences. Interact Preference, from Responsys, gives marketers a platform to capture customer preferences and permissions across every marketing channel and consumer touch point. That means customers get messages that are more relevant than ever before. And it means marketers can rest assured that they’re not delivering unwanted communications.

Cross Channel Preferences

Unify Preferences Across Every Channel

Marketers today are weaving together messages that flow seamlessly across digital channels. Unfortunately the tools that exist for managing consumer preferences haven’t evolved beyond simple web forms left over from the 90’s. That often means siloed customer data and a lack of visibility into what they really want to hear. But with Interact Preference, marketers can finally unify preference data that can span every channel, every type of communication, and every line of business.

A Single Profile at Every Touch Point

Consumers interact with companies in more places than ever before – both online and offline. With Interact Preference, you can be sure that their profiles stay in sync. So an opt-in on the website is reflected in the contact center, a phone number update on a mobile device shows up on at the point of sale, and a new preference on Facebook is reflected in Responsys Interact.

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Marketing Compliance

Keep Your Marketing Compliant

Government regulations around marketing communications are only getting broader. And stepping over the line not only turns off customers, but can result in public and expensive legal action. That’s why Interact Preference gives you an audit trail of both customer permissions and marketing messages, helping ensure messages stay compliant. So your marketing team is free to focus on building relationships, rather than worrying about regulations.

A Complete Customer Profile

When you combine preference data with demographic and behavioral data, you’ve got a solid foundation for forging lasting customer relationships. Interact Preference is part of the Responsys Interact Suite, which means you can layer profile data, from campaign response information to web browsing information, with customer preferences and permissions. It’s a single, trusted view of each and every customer.

Complete Customer Profile Data with Responsys Interact Suite

Download "The changing landscape of consumer trust"

Today’s marketers have more data and better tools to build personalized customer relationships than ever before. But consumers lack the tools they need to share how and where they want marketers to communicate with them. The financial cost of mistakes is high, and the cost of damaged consumer trust can be even higher. How can marketers be certain to stay compliant, and deliver programs that drive higher revenue? Download now and find out.

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