The most proven enterprise email marketing platform.

The world’s best marketers understand that email is still the channel that delivers the highest ROI you can find in the digital world. But it’s not as easy as it used to be. That’s why the world’s best marketers have always turned to Responsys. They’re not interested in just “getting campaigns out the door.” They want to deliver a truly orchestrated email experience for their customers that drives engagement as well as revenue. Responsys has been helping them do just that since 1998.

Email Marketing

More orchestrated.

Campaign-centric marketing is a numbers game that has become impossible to win. Sending ever more campaigns only drives a more frustrating experience for each customer, increasing attrition, and hurting deliverability. Smart email marketers have evolved to an orchestrated approach, designing interactions that evolve over time and align to each individual customer’s experience.

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“Before Oracle’s Responsys, to build and execute a marketing campaign took about three hours. Now it takes me minutes. I have more time to think about strategy, rather than to focus on the manual execution of the campaign.”

Rosetta Stone

More strategic.

Research shows that email marketers spend up to 80% of their time simply trying to get campaigns out the door, leaving very little time to focus on strategic design and analysis. Responsys was built to get you off the hamster wheel. We automate the busy work, and make it easy for you to do the things you never thought possible.

More proven.

Since 1998, Responsys has focused on helping marketers who want to go beyond what their industry peers are doing. Our customers are years ahead, and as a result, so is our platform. Email can be the lifeblood of any digital marketing organization; so don’t settle for technology that simply sounds great. Partner with a company that’s proven to make it happen – consistently, at scale, for over a decade.

“We’re sending half as many emails, but we’re getting 70% more conversions, 70% percent more visits and 80% higher revenue”