Interact for Display

Where display advertising gets personal.

Display has always been relegated to the “anonymous marketing” world. Buy a bunch of impressions and hope that someone you know nothing about clicks through. Those days are over.

Interact for Display is the world’s first platform for relationship-based display marketing. It lets you use your display channel the same way you use your email and mobile marketing channels: to send completely individualized and targeted messages based on each consumer’s profile, behavior and lifecycle.

That means it’s time to stop throwing budget at ads that send the same generic message to everyone. Instead, with Interact for Display, you can start sending uniquely personalized messages to the people who matter the most.

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See how Dollar Thrifty is coordinating email + display.

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It’s time to think of Display as a “relationship” channel.

Old School marketing with Anonymous-based Display New School marketing with Relationship-based Display

“Often so much of what you spend on display is on an unknown audience. With Interact for Display, we know exactly who they are and if they’re StubHub users.”


Display: Email’s new best friend.

Not only can you finally target and personalize your display marketing, but you can also fully integrate it with your other relationship-based marketing channels. With Interact for Display, even your email campaigns become more effective.

Old School marketing with Anonymous-based Display

The results of a beautiful friendship.

If you send email, you need to add relationship-based Display to the mix. Here’s why.

  • 20x Increase in customers and prospects now available for digital lifecycle marketing as Relationship-based Display is available for any consumer in your database — not just those on your opt-in lists.
  • 47x Return on investment transforms display into one of your
    highest ROI channels.
  • 40% Lift in email program revenue by adding Relationship-based Display to existing programs.
  • 5x Increase in touches without having to send more emails. Stay top of mind without clogging the inbox.
  • 22% Uptick of conversion rates in lifecycle campaigns that now include Relationship-based Display.
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