Give mobile marketing a ‘push’ [Infographic]

Whether it’s breaking news alerts from the Associated Press, Gilt Groupe’s daily deal notifications or Starbucks’ signals when I approach a store location, receiving push notifications is one of my favorite ways to engage with the applications on my smartphone. And as it turns out, I’m not alone.

Responsys recently commissioned a mobile marketing survey of 1,200 U.S. consumers and found that 68 percent of consumers who have downloaded apps, have enabled the push notifications. Among younger consumers (18-34 year olds), it’s nearly 80 percent. As you’ll see in the infographic below, push is a channel that marketers should not be ignoring.


What makes push such an interesting marketing vehicle is that while it’s primarily used today for interacting with consumers via smartphones and tablets, push can be applied to any device that’s equipped with an app. As Responsys’ SVP of Emerging Channels Michael Della Penna discussed in a previous blog post, by 2020, there will be 75 billion devices connected to the “Internet of Things.” In this scenario, push emerges as an important technology that will enable marketers to expand the reach of their communications.

The catch of course is that marketers must prioritize the customer experience – and their preferences – above all else. A sure fire way to sour a customer relationship is to send an unwanted or irrelevant push notification to a highly personal device, like a smart watch. Smart marketers will get a head start on this future reality by understanding how to orchestrate push with other marketing channels and optimize the holistic customer experience.

To learn more about how consumers perceive and engage with mobile marketing in general (in addition to push), check out the full results of our Mobile Marketing Engagement Study.

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11 thoughts on “Give mobile marketing a ‘push’ [Infographic]

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  7. Andy

    Fascinating stats, Heather. Personally, I always reject the option to receive push notifications so I must be in the minority; my phone would be beeping all day if I agreed to receive push from all the apps that request it. Great article, thanks.

  8. Heather MacKinnonHeather MacKinnon Post author

    Hi Andy – Thanks for reading and glad you liked the stats! Honestly, there were a few of us here at Responsys who feel the same and were similarly surprised by the results. Of course, even those consumers who elect to enable the push notifications will get annoyed if they are bombarded with alerts so the trick for marketers is to develop push experiences that are unique, relevant and truly valuable to the consumer.

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