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Infographic: From Mad Men to New School Marketing

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Here at Responsys, we’re getting excited for the season 6 premiere of Mad Men! So much so, that our creative team created this awesome infographic that looks at how the marketing industry has evolved over the past five decades. The timeline marks key moments in time, including influential ad campaigns, advances in technology and changes in marketing spend – here’s a few of our favorites:

  • 1971 – The first electronic message was sent, paving the way for modern email
  • 1984 – The first mobile phone was introduced. It weighed 2 pounds, offered 30 minutes of talk time and sold for $3,995
  • 2000 – U.S. Internet advertising revenue was $8.2 billion, in 2011 that figure jumped to $31 billion
  • 2010 – Old Spice’s wildly successful “Smell Like a Man, Man” social media campaign generated a 107% increase in sales for the company

As we look at this data and marvel at how ‘old school’ things used to be, it’s important to remember that the changes in the marketing industry weren’t just eventual. Marketing changed because consumers changed. Consumers today fast-forward through TV commercials. They’ve put down their newspapers. They don’t have a landline phone. They can choose which marketing messages they receive, when, where, and from whom.

As a result, New School Marketing professionals are re-imagining their entire approach. They’re giving up on mass-market, broadcast advertising and instead using interactive digital technologies to build lasting individual relationships with their customers. As a result, we think it’s never been a more exciting time to be a marketer.

This has us thinking… what if there’s a show in 40 years about the ‘digital marketing era’? What do you think it would be like? Will tweets, Instagram photos and Internet memes be cultural relics? Do you think brands will have an individual relationship with each and every consumer? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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How the marketing industry has evolved timeline

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