Welcome to the most mobile-enabled retail holiday season in history

It’s finally here. The week of all weeks for retailers. Technically, most retailers have been fully in the throngs of holiday planning for going on 25 days now, but now we are in the final approach leading up to Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Hopefully you’re all feeling prepared. After all, you started planning for […]


Facebook Q&As: Marketers’ New Fireside Chat

Does your brand have more than 10,000 Facebook fans? If so, you have access to a unique feature that marketers are just beginning to explore: Facebook Q&A. Although the social media network introduced the tool in 2013, it’s been largely ignored until recently. Celebrities from Prince to Diane Sawyer are engaging with their audiences in […]


Ho ho ho – 2 new research papers shed some light on retail holiday shoppers

Don’t tell anyone but in a few days it will be Thanksgiving and the day after that, Friday, has become to be known as Black Friday for apparently there’s a whole lot of sales that go on this day. Ok, I kid. It’s what I do. Obviously the entire world, essentially, knows that this is […]

Mobile Marketing Mistakes

Email marketing most effective, mobile marketing most difficult

In many ways I was both surprised and well, not-so-surprised when I read the findings of a recent survey whose results were shared via marketingcharts.com. The good folks at MC decided to go with a headline of Marketers Continue to Rate Email the Most Effective Digital Marketing Tactic in announcing the findings. Completely understood why for it, […]


Email marketing: The Weekly Inbox volume 59 (Thanksgiving edition)

The Weekly Inbox is a collection of email marketing messages from across the retail, travel/hospitality and financial services industries that caught my eye for being clever, forward thinking, creative or just plain awesome. Welcome back to the next installment of The Weekly Inbox. Next Thursday is of course Thanksgiving here in the United States which […]


Weekly roundup: 5 digital marketing tips, tricks and tactics

All screens are not created equal Marketers know their customers use a variety of devices at any given time. People browse the web on their phones while watching TV, for example. The challenge is to engage those audiences across platforms — and to accurately measure the results of multiscreen marketing initiatives. Read more at 1to1 […]


Movember your data! How you can support the cause

[[The following is a guest post by Chloe Basterfield, Marketing Manager at Oracle Marketing Cloud]] This Movember boys and girls we are growing our Mos to raise awareness for prostate cancer. The great cause got us marketer’s thinking… Getting your marketing data in order is not unlike Movember facial hair grooming. We figured the same principles can […]


How 4 companies find and create value from open data

Marketers know they need to build campaigns around the ever-growing amount of customer information at their fingertips. But there’s more data than what they’re capturing from email opt-ins and online browsing history. Open data, which is freely available for anyone to use, is a trove of information that — if used correctly — adds even more […]


The most modern marketers in the world live here

In today’s digitally empowered age, marketing has become one of the most progressive functions within an organisation – it has transformed from an intuitive art to a predictable science. With a rapidly expanding array of technology and communication channels, as well as an increasingly demanding and savvy consumer, today’s marketer needs to embrace innovation in […]